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Speech Therapist Plymouth
Please see a range of useful links below
Speech Therapy Plymouth British Stammering Association: www.stammering.org
This national charity is dedicated to helping people who stammer. They have a telephone helpline. They also provide fact sheets and articles on stammering and its treatment.
The Communication Trust: www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk
This trust is dedicated to supporting children with communication difficulties. The website contains information, useful links and resources, some of which are free.
Speech Therapy Plymouth
Speech Therapy Plymouth National Autistic Society: www.autism.org.uk

This national charity provides information, support and resources for parents, professionals and people with autism, including Asperger syndrome.
I CAN: www.ican.org.uk

This children's communication charity provides help and advice for parents and professionals. The website contains a wealth of information, including fact sheets on communication difficulties and a 'progress checker': an ages and stages guide to typical communication development. I CAN also offers an enquiry phone service, assessment and lots of activities and other resources, some of which are free.
Speech Therapy Plymouth
Speech Therapy Plymouth Makaton: The Makaton Charity www.makaton.org

This charity trains parents and professionals in how to use Makaton. Makaton is a language of symbols and signs, designed to be used in parallel with spoken language, to enable and support communication.
Elklan Training Ltd: www.elklan.co.uk

This organisation provides training for parents, school staff and other professionals in how to support children with communication needs. There are a range of courses available.
Speech Therapy Plymouth
Speech Therapy Plymouth National Literacy Trust: www.literacytrust.org.uk

This charity is devoted to improving literacy in the UK. They do this through campaigns, support, projects and providing information and resources. There are some nice resources, including activity sheets and a host of song and rhyme lyrics.
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