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Speech Therapist Plymouth
  "I'd definitely recommend Ruth."
  - Helen
"My son is very much an outdoors child, so in preschool even though he didn’t show great interest in early learning I didn’t have any major concerns.  Since starting Primary Education, he’s always struggled to grasp the main concepts of phonics and number patterns.

He isn’t a naughty child and for the effort he puts in I’ve never felt that he is succeeding like he should. I try to support my children at home with extra learning activities, but could slowly see that he was getting frustrated and I didn’t like seeing him disheartened all the time.
From speaking to Ruth, she was very understanding and suggested that a speech and language assessment may pinpoint areas of my sons language that might be weaker than other areas and that need improving.

The assessment was at my son’s own pace. If he needed a break for 5 minutes or wanted to look out the window and talk about the birds for example she was very understanding. This is why I don’t think he even realised it was a test!

Once Ruth had compiled her report, at our convenience we meet and went through her findings. Any terminology that we didn’t understand was explained and discussed in depth, and ways in which we could support our child was given. We were given a pack that we can work through as his learning techniques improve and also fun games that we could play whether we were in the car or walking in the woods.

Having an understanding of your child’s development is vital and I’d definitely recommend Ruth at Tamar Speech and Language Therapy."
Speech and Language Therapy Plymouth  
Speech Therapy Plymouth
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