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Speech Therapist Plymouth
I offer the following services throughout Devon and Cornwall.



Teletherapy Services

We are now offering teletherapy to appropriate children and families. Teletherapy can work well for some children however, not all children are able to access therapy in this way.

We will discuss your child’s needs and our ability to meet these and make a decision with you about the appropriacy of this new service. During this discussion we will agree on duration of sessions and costs. We are aware of the current climate and are adapting our services to be as flexible and supportive as we are able to be.

Language Therapist Plymouth
Information gathering – parents can fill in a form prior to coming and then discuss any important factors during initial appointment.
Initial appointment with parents & child - this usually happens at the child’s home where they are most comfortable but can happen at school or nursery if required.
Detailed assessments - of speech, language and communication strengths and needs.
Educational visits - school or nursery (if appropriate) to observe play with peers or for further assessment of child's functioning and to liaise with education staff.
Summary verbal and written Reports:
Language Therapist Plymouth Setting of specific targets to develop the child's skills with advice to parents and setting.
Language Therapist Plymouth Regular or periodic review of targets.
Language Therapist Plymouth Blocks of one-to-one therapy to work on specific targets.
Language Therapist Plymouth Advice on the purchasing of resources to support the child.
Language Therapist Plymouth Telephone consultation with parents.
Language Therapist Plymouth
  "I can deliver fun and engaging Speech Therapy sessions that will help children communicate using a variety of methods."
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