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Speech Therapist Plymouth
Speech & Language Therapy
Private Speech and Language Therapy covering Devon and Cornwall.
What is Speech & Language Therapy?
Speech therapy is the process of changing lives for the better for children and adults who have communication and speech difficulties.
Supporting children with speech difficulties
Speech Therapist Plymouth As a speech and language therapist, I work closely with children with different levels of language, speech and communication difficulties.

I understand the importance of communication for people of all ages.
Dedicated and professional services that make a
I can work in your own home or within a school or nursery. I can work with:
Speech Tharapist plymouth Unclear speech - This is when a child's speech is difficult for others to understand.
Speech Tharapist plymouth Delayed language - This is when the language is not at the same levels as peers.
Speech Tharapist plymouth Language disorders - This is when the language develops in an uneven way
Speech Tharapist plymouth Stammering - This is when children struggle to produce fluent speech and repeat sounds or whole words.
Speech Tharapist plymouth Selective mutism - This is a social anxiety difficulty where the child can talk in some places (usually home) but finds it difficult to talk in other places (sometimes school).
Speech Tharapist plymouth Social communication difficulties -This is where the child struggles to understand the social aspect of communication and to use their language to get their message across.
Speech Tharapist plymouth Pre-verbal communication - This includes all the skills that children develop before they are ready to talk verbally, for instance; eye contact, joint attention and listening skills.
Speech Tharapist plymouth PECS - Picture exchange communication system is a form of communication where a child is taught to communicate using tokens with a picture/symbols on it. The child is taught that the exchange of the token is reward with the item in the picture, these skills increase in complexity until whole sentences are exchanged.
Speech Therapist Plymouth
  "High quality and professional services for the best possible outcome."
  Ruth Waite - Tamar Speech Therapist
  Supporting children with language difficulties

Language disorders can include difficulties understanding or processing language or having difficulty putting words together into sentences.

Language Therapist Plymouth  

"We were given a pack that we can work through as my son's learning techniques improve and also fun games that we could play whether we were in the car or walking in the woods.

Having an understanding of your child’s development is vital and I’d definitely recommend Ruth at Tamar Speech and Language Therapy." - Helen



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